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Agoda provides several platforms that allow guests to reach out to properties with any requests. This article will explain ways of communicating using those platforms.

Contact channels with your guests

This chart will explain the different ways the guest may reach out to you for any inquiries.


Agoda Customer Messaging System

Agoda Customer Messaging System is a messaging platform that enables you to interact with guests. Enabling this service will allow guests to send a message to you before or after making a booking. You can check the messages both in YCS or in your registered email.

To enable this setting, please contact us for further assistance.


Guest messages before booking


Guest will able to see the below pop-up on the property page on, inviting them to connect to the property if they have any inquiries before making a booking.

Inquiries submitted by guests before making any booking will be sent directly to the email address registered on YCS. The email address of the guest will be masked using this system. You may reply to the email as with any other email.


Guest messages after booking

Guests will have an inbox section on their Agoda profile through which they can chat with the property. Any message from the booked guest will be visible on the messaging system, if you follow the steps detailed in this article: How can I start using Agoda’s Customer Messaging?

You will also receive an email notification at your registered email address on YCS. You can simply reply to the email.

If you haven’t replied within 16 hours, there will be an email reminder sent to you.


Direct call or email

We will share your property’s contact information with the guest once they have successfully made a booking. This will include a phone number and email address (if available, based on your registered property information on Agoda). If they contact you, then you are free to reply.

Sample guest hotel voucher contact information:


Contacting Agoda customer service

Guests may reach out to Agoda’s customer service team for any inquiry related to bookings or special requests. Agoda’s customer service team may contact you for further follow-up via phone or email.

If you don’t have the Agoda messaging system activated yet, you may also reach out to Agoda customer service to relay your message to the guest via email or phone on your behalf. You can find our contact information on the hotel confirmation voucher’s bottom-most section.


Frequently Asked Questions

I am unable to see the guest’s information on my hotel voucher. I need the information to contact the guest. How can I find it?

Due to compliance with the Data Protection Act, we are unable to directly share the guest’s information with properties. Instead, we have prepared a safe platform where you may connect with the guest using the Agoda Customer Messaging system. If this is not yet enabled, you may reach out to Agoda Accommodation Support team to enable it.

I am unable to type in my phone number on Agoda Customer Messaging system for the guest to contact me. What should I do?

The Agoda Customer Messaging system does not allow any card/personal information details to be shared, for security reasons. If you need the guest to contact you directly, you may instruct them to use the phone number listed on their booking confirmation voucher. If your phone number or email address needs to be updated, kindly update it on YCS contact first, and then contact us to update it in the voucher.

The guest is not responding to the messages I sent via messaging system. Is there any other way I can communicate with the guest?

You may reach out to the Agoda Customer Service team to forward your message to the guest. This will also depend on the guest’s responsiveness to our emails and calls.


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