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This article will help you learn the differences between Unique Purchasing Card (UPC) and the Electronic Payment Administration Self Service (ePass).

  • Agoda currently has multiple payment types to suit your needs. The most widely used one is the Unique Payment Card (UPC), which is basically a virtual credit card. Most other payments are managed through our payment administration system called ePass.

What is UPC?

  • Model: A payment model that is created for each booking separately.
  • Payment options: Each booking will generate an individual set of payment details.
  • Payment details: The UPC payment details are not visible on the hotel voucher. You may find the payment details on YCS Bookings View bookings.
  • Full reporting: Download the data manually on YCS Bookings View bookings.  Booking details are only available for up to 150 days.

To charge a UPC, click here.

What is ePass?

  • Model: Invoice system within YCS through which you can request the payment for booking by yourself. Multiple payment options are available under ePass.
  • Payment options: With ePass you can charge multiple reservations under 1 batch with the options below:
  • Payment details: You are required to enable the payment on the ePass system for any eligible booking transactions.
  • Full reporting: Past payment details without any time restriction are recorded and can be extracted on the ePass system.

Read more about ePass here.

How can I change my payment type?

You may not perform this action from your end. Please contact us and we will be happy assist you with this request.