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Agoda currently has multiple payment types to suit your needs. The most widely used one is the  Unique Payment Card (UPC), which is basically a virtual credit card. Most other payments are managed through our payment administration system called ePass.  


What is UPC and ePass?  

You may find information on different payment options below:  



Epass (Electronic Payment Administration Self Service) 

Model   A payment model that is created for each booking separately.   Invoice system within YCS through which you can request the payment for booking by yourself. Multiple payment option is available under ePass.  
Payment Options   Single-used virtual card for 1 booking transaction.  

Can charge multiple reservations under 1 batch with options below:

UPC under ePass

E-Card (Plastic Card) 

Bank Transfer 

Agoda Guarantee Payment> only if under AGP Program

Payment Details   UPC number is not visible on the hotel voucher, only inYCS > Bookings> View bookings.  Eligible booking transactions need to be submitted (or requested) on the ePass system by yourself to enable the payment.  
Full Reporting   Download the data manually on YCS > Bookings>View Bookings. Booking details are only available up to 150 days.   Past payment details without any time restriction are recorded and can be extracted on the ePass system.  


Frequently Asked Questions  

How can I change my payment method? 

You may contact Agoda accommodation support via the “Need Help” in YCS to request changing your payment method. Please make sure to inform us which payment method you want in the inquiry description.  


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