This article explains the process of receiving payments via Unique Payment Card on Electronic Payment Administration Self Service, or UPC on ePass, including settling payments, handling Adjustment Transactions, and issuing new cards.

What is UPC on ePass?

Unique Payment Card on Electronic Payment Administration Self Service, or UPC on ePass, is a convenient payment method for hotel partners that’s available on the YCS extranet under the Finance tab.

It generates a single-use virtual credit card (UPC), allowing you to create one payment batch for multiple reservations. Here are some key points to remember:


  1. Settle payments within 24 hours:
    It’s important to charge the virtual credit card within 24 hours to avoid expiration. If not, you’ll need to wait for 72 hours to generate a new card.
  2. They are limited to specific charges:
    UPC can only be used for charges via POS terminals under the 7011 merchant category code (MCC). This category includes lodging businesses like hotels, motels, resorts, and reservation services.
  3. Payment time limit:
    Payments must be processed within 150-days of the check-out date, after which the charge becomes unavailable to claim. Please contact us for assistance if one of your charges has expired.

Check out What is ePass? for more information.

How do I settle payments?

To settle payments via UPC on ePass, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your YCS account >> Finance section.
  2. Select Current Transactions.

3. The Current Booking Transactions tab shows which payments are due for each bookings.

4. Select the bookings you want to charge under the Approve section.

5. Review the Adjustment Transactions section for any payment adjustments. Click here for more details.

6. Click Next

7. Click Submit to proceed to the summary page, where you’ll see the outstanding balance.

8. Charge the full outstanding balance amount using the masked or full card details and click OK. Depending on your access role, you will see either masked or full card details.

9. Approved payments will be reflected on the Remittances or All Transactions page. Card and transaction details will be available here these pages. For more information, check out How do I review past payments? 

What are Adjustment Transactions?

Under the Adjustment Transactions tab on YCS, you will find bookings with any payment adjustments required, mostly pertaining to overcharges, outstanding balances, or booking rejections.

Things to note:

  • All adjusted transactions must be included when making a payment.
  • Ensure that you submit the payment as a positive amount. If the Total Approved Amount is negative, please wait for more booking transactions.

How do I issue a new card?

If you fail to charge the card within 24 hours of issuance, follow these steps to issue a new card:

  1. Go to Finance >> Remittances and locate the batch you want to reissue.
  2. Click on the orange Reissue Card button located under the expiry date.
  3. Make full payment for the batch using the new UPC details within 24 hours to avoid the card expiring again.
  4. You can reissue a batch up to three times; after that, please contact us for payment.


1. Is there a limit to how many UPC approvals I can submit per day?

There is no limit; however, please make sure you do not exceed your daily credit limit, since the card will only be valid for 24 hours once issued.

2. What should I do if I’ve only charged the partial amount?

Contact us to inform us of the balance that you need to charge and request for a top-up. For more information, refer to this article: How do I handle partial charges in the Finance tab?

3. What if I passed the 150-day deadline for collecting the booking payment?

Payments must be processed within 150-days of the check-out date, after which the charge becomes unavailable to claim. Please contact us for assistance if this has happened.

4. Why can't I charge the card even though the payment has been charged within 24 hours?

Please make sure that you have charged the card correctly by checking the card number, CVV number, payment amount, the expiry date of the card, as well as your internet connection when charging.

If a partial amount has been paid, repayment is not possible even within 24 hours. If the issue persists, contact us.

5. How do I settle payments for amended or canceled bookings?

We will send you an amendment email (with “AMENDED” appearing in the subject line) which includes a hotel voucher. The updated amount will be reflected on Booking Transactions section under Current Transactions page. Proceed to make payment following the steps under How do I settle payments.

If the amendment was done after the transaction, the differences will be updated on Adjustment Transactions section under Current Transactions page.

6. Why can't I view the complete UPC and CVV number?

Only specific roles (Card Viewer) will be able to view complete UPC and CVV number. If changes to roles are required, please contact us.

If you encounter any other issues, please visit our What should I do if I can’t charge a payment? page.

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