What is e-Card?

  • The e-Card is a physical credit card or a plastic card that Agoda provides to you for charging all eligible booking amounts using the ePass system. Please note that Agoda e-Cards are restricted to charges via POS terminals under 7011 merchant category code (MCC) only, namely Lodging – Hotels, Motels, Resorts, or Central Reservation Services businesses.
  • When you receive your e-Card, you will need to confirm receipt by contacting ecard@agoda.com. You will receive instructions on how to do this when you receive your e-Card.
  • Your e-Card information will also be stored at YCS FinanceMy Payment Accounts once it has been activated.
  • The e-Card that you receive will not contain any amount until booking transactions have been submitted on the Finance Please charge your e-Card using the same currency and the exact approved amount to avoid undercharging or overcharging.
  • Your e-Card will also have an expiry date; please check to ensure that you only submit payments while holding a valid e-Card.
  • We recommend that you finalize the payments for bookings as soon as they become available. Please be informed that if you do not charge for bookings within 150 days after the departure date, these will be removed from the system and the payment will no longer be available for you to claim.

How do I settle payments?

  1. Go to Finance and select Current Transactions.
  2. Check the Booking Transactions section.
    1. Bookings displayed under this section will have reached the payment due date and may have the payment initiated.
    2. All bookings are selected for payment by default in the Approve section. Untick the appropriate box if you do not want to include a specific booking in your payment.
  3. Scroll down on the same page to check the Adjustment Transactions section.
    1. Bookings displayed under this section have been adjusted by Agoda’s finance team to ensure that the payable value is correct.
    2. Positive amounts will be displayed in case of partially charged payments, follow-up booking value increases, and other credit items.
    3. Negative amounts will be displayed in case of  overcharges or  booking rejection cost.
    4. Adjustment transactions are mandatory payments and cannot be excluded.
  4. Click  Next  to view a summary of your payment amount.
    1. You may only submit a batch for payment on the Finance tab if the net value is positive. If your total approved amount is negative, you will need to wait for more booking transactions to be added up until your total approved amount is positive.
  5. You will be directed to a summary page with your e-Card details; please make sure the last 4 digits of the e-Card you have received from Agoda match with the card details displayed on the system and then click Submit to confirm.
  6. Go to YCS> Finance > Remittances and wait until a new batch is created.

Once the batch has been created, you may need to wait for 15 minutes and up to 2 hours in some cases before you are able to charge your e-Card on your POS terminal.

You can then proceed to use your e-Card on your POS terminal.

All payments that have been approved will be removed from the Current Transactions page. These transactions can be viewed on the All transactions page for future reference.

If you forget to record the card details, or you would like to review the card and transaction details, you can view them on the Remittances page. Visit How do I Review Past Payments? for more information on how to access.

How do I settle payments for amended or cancelled bookings?

We will send you an amendment email (with “AMENDED” appearing in the subject line) with an amended hotel voucher attached confirming that a reservation has changed. This updated amount will be reflected immediately for the relevant booking displayed on the Current Transactions page.  Proceed to settle following the steps indicated above.


1. What should I do if I accidentally charge only a partial amount? 

Don’t’ worry, you will still be able to charge the card again with the remaining amount. You will need to calculate the remaining amount by checking the Total Approved Amount on the Remittances page and subtracting the amount you have already charged.

2. What can I do if I pass the 150-day deadline for collecting a booking payment?

It is important to understand that you are required to collect payment within the 150-day deadline. You can contact us for assistance.

3. How can I request a new card if my current card is expired?

You may contact us for assistance. 

If you encounter any other issues, please visit our I am unable to charge a payment and need support page.