Where can I see UPC details?

To see your UPC details:

  1. Go toYCS > Bookings> View Bookings.
  2. Select your own criteria based on the Stay Date or Booking Date.
    • You can also type the Agoda booking ID and empty all other criteria to find the specific booking that you would like to charge for the payment.
  3. Click Search to see the list of matching bookings.
  4. Click on any booking ID to expand and view details.
  5. Under Stay Info > UPC, click on Click to View.
  6. There will be a pop-up window with details of the virtual card.

If you are not able to view the UPC details, contact us for assistance.

Tips for charging a UPC/ solving problems charging my UPC

  • A payment can only be charged by an authorized YCS user with payment access. If you are not an authorized to charge the payment, you may  contact us for assistance.
  • Once you have collected the UPC payment details, you can charge the UPC by inputting the UPC payment details into the credit card machine.
  • However, before you charge the UPC, you must:
    • Ensure that you are charging the payment based on the payment terms specified in your agreement. Access YCS > Resources> Terms and Conditions for more information.
    • Ensure the correct credit card number is being entered.
    • Check that the credit card was not pre-authorized by one of your colleagues (pre-authorized cards will become invalid).
    • Ensure the correct amount (as seen on the hotel voucher) is being charged. Any additional amount will cause the transaction to be declined.
    • Note that any booking that is cancelled without any cancellation fee cannot be charged.
    • The charge attempt must be within 150 days after the check-out date as the card will expire after this150 day
    •  period. It is important that you charge the UPC on time.
    • If you do not charge us for a booking for more than 150 days after departure date, the booking will be removed from the system and the payment will no longer be available for you to claim.
  • You will see a Security Violation message if there are more than 5 failed attempts to charge the card. If you encounter this, please wait for 1 hour before attempting to charge again, and make sure you charge with the correct details and a stable internet connection.
  • You will see a Card Blocked FRE10 message if you attempt to use the card for any activity outside of booking-related payments. Contact us for further assistance.

How do I charge UPC?

To charge:

  1. Collect the payment information on YCS.
  2. Authorize payment using the POS machine. You will receive transaction slip with authorization code.
  3. Use the same authorization code and charge the booking.

How do I charge UPC for amended bookings?

  • We will send you an amendment email (with “AMENDED” appearing in the subject line) with an amended hotel voucher attached confirming that a reservation has changed, or
  • You can also identify the amended booking on YCS > Bookings > View Bookings  if the font color on the Booking ID: XXX is yellow. If the booking is amended, the booking amount stated in YCS will also follow the latest update.
  • You may charge the booking amount stated in that amended hotel voucher.

How do I charge UPC for cancelled bookings?

Any payment that you will receive for a canceled reservation is determined by the cancellation policy in force at the time of reservation.  You should charge the UPC only for the amount permitted by the cancellation policy.

  • Agoda will send you a cancellation email (with “CANCELLED” appearing in the subject line) confirming that a reservation has been canceled. The new UPC “Amount Payable” will be included in the body of the cancellation email.  This amount payable is determined based on the cancellation policy and is the amount you should charge to the UPC for the cancelled reservation.
  • You will also be able to identify the canceled booking on the  YCS > Bookings > View Bookings if the font color on the Booking ID: XXX is red. If the booking is amended, the booking amount stated in YCS will also follow the latest update.


1. Do I need to make a pre-authorization?

No. The card is already guaranteed by Mastercard and pre-authorizations are not necessary. Any pre-authorized card will become invalid. Contact us to request for a new card.

2. What can I charge?

Agoda provides room reservations only. The UPC is valid only for the reservation to which it is assigned and in the amount specified.  Additional charges (incidentals, mini-bar, parking) must be settled with the guest directly using his or her own method of payment at check-in or check-out –not using the Agoda UPC.

3. Can I charge based on per night or per room?

Flexibility exists to charge per night or per room.  However, Agoda recommends you simply make one charge for the total amount payable for the booking.

4. What should I do if I have accidentally authorized/charge only partial amount?
  • If you have authorized partial amount, proceed to use the same authorization code and charge the partial amount first. Then proceed to authorize and charge the remaining amount.
  • If you have authorized and charged only partial amount, proceed to repeat the same action to collect the remaining amount.

In both cases, we recommend you check the booking amount and the amount that you have authorized/charged. You will receive an error showing “insufficient fund” if you attempt to charge any amount that is higher than the booking value.

If you encounter any other issues, please visit our I am unable to charge a payment and need support page.