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How does Auto Top Up (ATU) works?

Auto Top-up (ATU) is a feature on YCS to ensure that your property will always have availability to sell without the needs of going to YCS and fill up your allotment manually. This can help your property to reduce redundant works and save up your precious time. This feature will be made available globally on 1st of May 2020.

ATU is a feature that allows you to present minimum number of regular allotments that should be available based on the total number of rooms that have been set on your YCS >Property>Room Setup page. If the number of regular allotments (on the Rates & Availability> Calendar page) goes below this number, the system will automatically top-up to this value.

By default, we set the top-up level to 1 (one) room. This means that if your availability for a specific room type drops below one, we will add another room. We will do this each time the number of available rooms drops below one, until we reach the total number of rooms you have (based on the settings for that room type on the Property>Room Setup page).


How to activate ATU?

Step 1. Go to YCS.

Step 2. Go to Property > Property Settings.

Step 3. Select Optional Settings.

Step 4. Tick Auto topup allotment.

Step 5: Click Save.



Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be notified when my rooms are automatically topped-up?

Yes, you will be notified via email each time we automatically top up your allotment.

Where can I see the Auto Top-up value for each room type?

You can view these values in YCS. Navigate to menu: Property> Room Setup. You will see the value under, under Occupancy Settings.

If my property is full and I close out inventory, will rooms still be automatically topped-up?

No, if you close out inventory, the Auto Top-up feature will not initiate. To avoid any errors, make sure to close out the regular allotment, rather than updating inventory to 0.

How does this feature work with guaranteed allotment?

No worries! This feature is not functioning with guaranteed allotment.

What if I use a channel manager?

Auto Top-up is not available for channel managed properties.

What if I do not want this feature enhancement activated?

If you do not want us to increase the Auto Top-up setting to one for all room types, you can opt-out of this change by contacting your MM or contact us for further assistance.


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