Booked guests may send you inquiries regarding their concerns about upcoming bookings. Inquiries sent through Agoda will be sent to the property for discussion prior to making any changes – which are subject to the booking cancellation policy.


Special Requests

  • Guests may send special requests regarding their booking and typically would like to get swift confirmation whether the request can be accommodated.
  • This request will go through Agoda’s customer messaging system.
  • Agoda’s Policy on Special Requests: By default, all special requests are not confirmed and are subject to availability at the property upon arrival.
  • We encourage properties to respond quickly with an answer as to whether you are able/unable to accommodate the request.


Booking Amendments/Cancellation

Guests may reach out to Agoda or the property for any booking requests/issues.

  • Agoda’s Policy on Special Requests: Requests that are channeled through Agoda will be accepted/rejected based on the booking cancellation policy.
  • For any direct booking amendment requests that are sent and have been agreed to by the property, you may ask the guest to reach out to Agoda Customer Service from the link on their Booking Confirmation to have their booking amended/canceled.
  • You may be able to assist the guest by reaching out to the Customer Service team yourself. However, changes may still require a confirmation from the guest’s side.
  • Both party’s consent is required before any changes are performed by Agoda.


Outside Cancellation Policy

  • Definition: According to the booking policy, the booking is eligible for 0 cancellation fee during the request time.
  • Agoda’s Policy on Booking Requests:  In this case, guests may amend, cancel, or rebook the bookings without any issue. Rate changes may apply.


Inside Cancellation Policy

  • Definition: The booking is restricted by the cancellation policy, and any amendments/cancellations/no show may result in charges applied.
  • Agoda’s Policy on Booking Requests: Agoda will reject any amendment or free cancellation request for bookings inside a cancellation policy.
  • Requests that are against the booking policy but are insisted by the guest will be communicated to the property via call/email by our Customer Service team for confirmation.
  • Both party’s consent is required before any changes are performed by Agoda.

We encourage properties to consider the reasons for guests’ requests to maintain optimal guest relations. 


Force Majeure / Natural Disaster / Political Unrest

  • Definition: Events or circumstances outside of a party’s reasonable control, other than adverse economic conditions or general financial or operational constraints, that make it impossible or illegal for any party to honor the booking conditions or perform their duty.
  • Agoda’s Policy on Booking Requests: Agoda will check on the impact as reported by the guest or property and will waive the bookings that are affected once the situation is confirmed. The property is expected to also waive for the impacted bookings in these scenarios as it is out of individual control.
  • Please check the Agoda Terms & Conditions on YCS > Resources> Terms & Conditions to view the full terms.


Cancellation Fee Waiver Request Notification

  • When the guest insists on free cancellation despite being within the booking cancellation policy, our Customer Service team will send you a notification via email for the request.
  • The email will contain the booking detail and cancellation reason.
  • You will have 48 hours to select “Agree to Waive” or “Do Not Agree to Waive” before the message expires.
    • Agree to Waive= The booking will immediately be canceled without any charge and a full refund will be provided to the guest.
    • Do Not Agree to Waive= The booking will remain as original and a notification will be sent to the guest as well.
  • Our Customer Support team will follow up with an email/ call should there be no responses from your end.

Sample of a Cancellation Fee Waiver Request Notification:


Frequently Asked Questions

I do not have any more rooms available at my property for the booking that I received from Agoda. What should I do? 

Please assist by looking for alternative similar accommodations for the guest. You may contact us or the guest directly via the Agoda customer messaging system to inform of the suggested relocation.

I have offered the guests another room type, but they did not agree with it. They would like to cancel the booking. What will happen to me? 

The guest has the right to cancel the booking should they not agree with the relocation offered. You or the guest may contact the Agoda Customer Support team to finalize this action. The property may incur a penalty for the failure to honor the booking.


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