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In this article, you will find information on how to update your property’s facilities.

How to update property amenities in YCS?

Step 1. Login to YCS

Step 2. Go to Property > Property Settings

Step 3. Depending on the group, select the option on the left side:

  • Useful Information – to informed details such as check-in or out time
  • Facilities section– for property services, sports-related and more:
    • Click ✅ to enable the facility (your property offers this facility)
    • Click ❌ to deactivate the facility (your property does not have this facility)

Step 4. Click Save

Step 5. Click on each tab (facility groups) and mark all the features which are available at your property.

Facilities Sections

  • Property Services: Facilities and services that are provided by your property.
    • Examples of COVID-19 friendly facilities added: doctor/nurse on call, food delivery, first aid kit, sterilizing equipment, free face masks, hygiene certification, contactless check in-out.

  • Language Spoken: Languages that are spoken by the staff of your property. This is so customers know the best way to communicate with you during their stay.

  • Payment information: The type of payments that are accepted by your property.

  • Sports and Recreation: Sports and recreation facilities that are provided by your property.


Useful Information Section

Provide the requested information in Useful Information, giving customers a better understanding of your property and its services.


How to update room amenities in YCS?

Step 1. Login to YCS

Step 2. Go to Property

Step 3. Click Room Setup

Step 4. Once the page is fully loaded, select the Room to expand Room Setup menu

Step 5. Click Room Level Amenities section, the screen will show the active facilities under this Room

Step 6. Tick the facility you want to add > Select > Apply

Step 7. Click Save


Display on the property page

Property amenities under What they offer

Useful Information under What they offer

Room amenities under Room facilities


Important information

  • It might take up to 6 hours before reflecting on the website due to the caching issue.
  • Your changes will be saved automatically.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I add operation hours for my facilities such as a gym, swimming pool?

Yes! please contact us for further assistance.

I have some facilities however it’s not available in YCS for me to tick.

Unfortunately, at the moment, we are not able to add a customized facility name. Alternatively, our Accommodation Support Team can help you to display this facility in other areas on the property page. please contact us for further assistance.


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