This article will guide YCS users on managing different users’ roles and access levels for their property using the YCS User Management tool.

Adding new YCS user accounts

To create a new YCS user account and grant property access, follow these steps:

1. Log into your YCS account.

2. Go to Settings >> YCS User Management.


3. Click Add a New User, and wait for a pop-up window to appear.


4. In this window, fill in the details of the new user. Required information includes:

  • Email address to be associated with YCS.
  • Hotel IDs (HID)s of properties to which they should have access.
  • The roles they hold under each specific properties.

5. Once all the required information is complete, click Add user to save the changes.

6. If a success message appears, then the new users have been added successfully.

Managing existing user roles

To manage existing user roles on YCS, follow these steps:

1. Log into your YCS account.

2. Go to Settings >> YCS User Management.

3. In the user management area, locate the existing user list that shows everyone who has access to the selected property on YCS.

4. Select the user you wish to modify. To edit their settings, click the Edit icon next to their name.

5. A window will appear displaying the user’s details, including the properties and roles to which they have access.

6. Within this window, make the required changes. For instance, you can adjust a user’s access to different properties by checking or unchecking the checkboxes next to each listed property.

7. The Trash icon can be used to remove a user’s access to a particular property, which would revoke all their access associated with that property.

8. If you wish to remove a user’s access to all properties they’re connected with, click Revoke All Access. Take note: this action will completely remove the user’s access to all properties on YCS, so be double sure you want to complete this action.

Note: Double-check all changes before saving to avoid accidental removal of access rights. After you are sure, click ‘Proceed’ to save the changes.

List of user roles and access levels

Below is a list of user roles available for partners to grant on YCS, and their access levels.

Role name

Access level

Admin Full access to Property’s Extranet except Finance
Content Only Manage content only
Reservations Only Manage reservations only
Finance — Supervisor Review and approve payments. and manage bank accounts
Finance –Card Info Viewer Review and approve payments, and view UPC details
Finance — General Review and approve payments


User role notes:

  • Any user can assign, edit, or remove roles for other users if the assignee’s role is lower or equal in rank.
  • Admins hold the top position, having full access to the property’s extranet and being the only role that can manage all other role types.
  • Content Only and Reservations Only users can only manage roles of their own type and grant them to other users respectively.
  • Finance – Supervisors can manage both General and Supervisor roles.
  • Finance – Card Info Viewers may control General roles and their own, ensuring system integrity by regulating the distribution of access rights.
  • Finance – General users can only manage roles of their own type.

Two-factor authentication and notifications

For security purposes, we have implemented Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for changes in user management. This means that alongside your password, a second level of verification will be required to make changes. 2FA will be required for all user modifications, ensuring that only authorized personnel are able to adjust these settings.

Furthermore, to ensure transparency and keep all team members up to date, we send out notifications to all Admin accounts whenever any modifications are made to user settings or property access rights. This gives Admins full awareness of changes made to user configuration, regardless of the nature of the alteration, and allows immediate action if any change is unauthorized or mistaken. This consistent communication aids in seamless role management within YCS.


What is the YCS User Management tool?

The YCS User Management tool is a self-service feature in YCS that allows you to manage user roles and access rights for your property.

What does each role mean and what access does it allow?

There are various roles, each with its own set of permissions. For instance, Admin has full access to your property’s extranet, Content Only manages content, and Reservations Only manages reservations. There are also various finance roles, each tailor-made for specific finance-related tasks.

How do I remove specific roles for a user?

Go to the edit window and check or uncheck the roles from the drop-down list.

What do the “Trash” and “Revoke all access” buttons do?

The Trash button will revoke all access of a user to a single property.

The “Revoke All Access” button will revoke the access of a user to all properties in YCS. Use this button with caution.

Who can assign roles to users in YCS?

The ability to assign roles depends on your own role and its hierarchy. Users can assign/edit/remove roles that are equal or lower level than their own, but Admin users can manage all roles.

How does a new user log into their account for the first time?

New users can log in via “Forgot my password.” For more details, refer to How do I log in to the Agoda extranet?

Who will be verified by Two-Factor Authentication?

Only the person who is initiating the changes to user roles or access rights will need to complete the 2FA process. This precaution is taken to verify the identity of the person making the changes, ensuring that these changes are intentional and authorized.

What will the notifications inform me about?

The notifications sent to Admins will alert them to all modifications made to user roles and access rights. This means you will be aware of any changes in the configuration, no matter how minor or major they might be.

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