How do I change the property name Chinese (CN)/简体中文
How do I change the property name Chinese (HK)/中文 (香港)
How do I change the property name Chinese (TW)/繁體中文
How do I change the property name Japanese/日本語
How do I change the property name Korean/한국어(대한민국)
How do I change the property name Thai/ไทย


Your property name is set up based on the information you provided on the registration form. There may be some situations that require you to change the property name. In this article, we will show you how you can request changes and outline the tips for naming your property.

Tips on naming your property  

Things to avoid  

1. Usage of Abbreviations  

  • Abbreviations will likely confuse the customer and stop them from booking your property if they are unclear about the meaning behind it.  

2. Usage of emojis, symbols or ALL CAPS  

  • Ensure your property looks credible, trustworthy and professional by avoiding unnecessary additions. 

3. Adding translated name in other languages  

  • Adding translations in brackets will cause duplication.  
  • When customers visit Agoda in that specific language version, they will see duplicate names and it won’t look professional.  
  • If you have specific translations you prefer, you can share them with us and we will set it for you to be visible on specific Agoda website and app language versions.

4. Including a price or promotion  

  • Price and promotions are subjected to change; keeping it updated will be hard since you would need to update every expiring price or promotion. By updating names too often, you may cause repeat customers to miss your property entirely.  


1. Keep it short and unique  

  • Compact names are more memorable and easy to recall by travelers.  

2. Include your accommodation type  

  • Your name should tell the guest something specific about your place. Including accommodation type will provide more clarity for customer to avoid any misunderstandings. 

3. Capitalize The First Letter  

  • Standard format in Agoda has the first letter only as capitalized. We recommend you to follow this guideline so it will look consistent and match the website design.   

Frequently Asked Questions  

My property name is wrong when the view is in another language (not English). How do I change this?  

You may send us the suggested property name in the language you would like to amend. The Agoda Content team will then confirm the updates before the property name is changed from our end.  To send suggestions, please contact us for further assistance.

There is another property with a similar name to mine. Can you remove the other property from Agoda?  

Property names should be based on the name used during the business license registration process and certificate. These names should not be duplicated on our website or app. Should you come across this issue, please contact us for further assistance.