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In this article, you will find information about property descriptions on Agoda.


What is a property description? 

A property description covers the main information and selling points of your property. After reading it, a traveler should have a brief understanding of your property, such as the location, room types, facilities, and other features. A complete and well-written description will set your property apart and attract more bookings.


How do I change my property description?

Property descriptions on are automatically generated by an algorithm using the data you have provided. There is also an option to add your own description as well, please contact us for further assistance.


Property Description Requirements

There are certain rules we need to follow:

  • Word count cannot exceed 160 words.
  • The content must be unique, meaning it must not be a duplicate of other websites (copyright)
  • Descriptions must be in paragraph format. No other format will be accepted (i.e., bullet point, screenshots, links to websites, etc.)
  • The content must be written in the third person perspective (never use “we”, “us”, “I” or “our”)
  • Recommended content includes the property’s location, facilities, the hotel’s outstanding features, and other unique selling points.
  • Content must not include directions to the property, public notes, policies, or excessive information about facilities, restaurants, special offerings, schedules, etc.
  • The content should be clear and easy to understand — no flowery phrases, redundant information, overuse of adjectives, or excessive listings.
  • Do not mention competitors or other hotels.
  • The Content Team will try its best to include all information as requested, as long as it is necessary, useful for the guests, and conforms to our guidelines. The descriptions that our team adds is considered final.


What is the best way to write a property description? 

Each paragraph should include a category summary. Many users only read the first sentence, so it should contain the most important information. The description should end with a context summary that helps a traveler visualize that property as an integral part of the vacation or business travel he or she is booking.


Category summary 

Most travelers think about their accommodation in broad, standardized categories, and it’s therefore important to immediately inform the user of what kind of category the property fits in.

  • Traveler purpose: Transit hotel, business and convention hotel, road motel, beach resort, etc. These categories allow user to immediately identify or un-identify with the property.
  • Property infrastructure or building type: Large resort or small BnB, modern or historic, high-rise or hidden alley, the building itself tells a big part of the story.
  • Location: Near the airport, in the gothic quarter, atop a mountain, next to the golf course, these aspects help the user evaluate the property in relation to their anticipated itinerary.
  • Price: Supremely indulgent, luxury, mid-price, high-value, budget – sure, the user can see the actual prices on the page, but they also want to compare those prices to their own preconceived notions of what they should be getting for those prices.

A good category summary describes the property’s type, location, and likely usage.


  • Property: Large business hotel in a high-rise office complex
    • “The Continent Bangkok is a modern business hotel located in Bangkok’s CBD is closely situated to the capital’s embassies, premium offices, and high-end retail centers, providing a convenient base for efficient access to the city’s business and leisure activities.”


Context summary 

Every property description should end with a strong selling summary that promotes the property as the ideal setting for the kind of traveler to its features, location, and price will attract.


  • Property: Large business hotel in a high-rise office complex
    • “For serious business or just a high-class holiday in the center of this vibrant city, the Continent offers the best in five-star amenities and an unparalleled location that will save you time and effort on every day of your stay.”


Please note that every property description will be reviewed by Agoda for compliance, length, and quality. We reserve the right to edit or reject submitted descriptions that do not follow the guidelines. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I add operation hours for facilities in the property description?

We have another section called property policies for such information; please contact us for further assistance.

What if there is incorrect information in the automatic-generated property description? 

Please kindly let us Accommodation Support Team know –we are happy to assist with corrections.


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