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This article will outline how to manage surcharge (additional fees).

What are surcharges?

Surcharges are additional charges to the room rate, therefore should not be taxes.


Type of surcharge

YCS supports mandatory (M / Agoda Collect) and excluded (E / Property Collect) surcharge types, the list is predefined and must be selected from the drop-down. It is up to the property owner which one you choose.

  • Mandatory (Agoda Collect): Compulsory to booking, must pay addition to the room rate. This type will be included in the final price upon making the booking.
  • Excluded (Property Collect): Excluded from the room rate.  Customer will get a note on the booking form that the additional fee needs to be paid to the hotel upon check-in.


Add & Delete surcharges (YCS-Rates & Availability -Surcharge)

Step 1. Log into YCS

Step 2. Go to Rates & Availability tabs, select Surcharges

Step 3. Select the dates

Step 4. Select applicable days

Step 5. Surcharge drop-down list

  • Make your selection
  • The selection autofill charge type (Per Guest Per Night/ Per Booking/ Per Adult Per Booking etc.)
  • Surcharge type (who is responsible for collecting the fee Agoda or Property)

Step 6. Select individual room(s) or All room types

Step 7. Select value (Remember it could be either an amount or a percentage %)

  • Unwanted surcharges may be deleted by clicking on the bin icon.


 Important information

  • Excluded surcharge (property collect) must be collected by the property. Agoda will not take any responsibility in case of missed collection.
  • The surcharge is always based on the same currency as your property setting
  • Always check if your surcharge is an amount value or %


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