This article will introduce our new product – Availability Center — and how to use it on YCS.


The availability center is a new page under YCS > Rates & Availability and summarizes the availability that you have loaded on YCS Calendar for ease of decision making based on:

  • Comprehensive visibility on all availability in your property.
  • Handy inventory management.
  • Insights about demand trends for city search on based on your property location.


How to use it

Insights on demand and net booked room nights

  • Demand here is based on data from search demand on Agoda for the particular city where the hotel is located.
  • Net booked room nights will show data from the number of room nights booked on that particular date and room type.


You can also use this page to update your availability for multiple room types and dates in one go. Refer to the step-by-step guidance below.

  1. Filter/select room types you wish to update.
  2. Filter/select the time range.
  3. Update availability on single/multiple dates in one go.



Q: Will this page work with Channel Managers?

A:  The page will reflect the availability that has been updated by the Channel Manager. However, please update the availability on your Channel Manager end, and refer to this page for insights only. Stay tuned for more updates on this feature!