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This article will explain when and how you can report a No-Show for Agoda bookings and collect payment for these bookings.


When do I Report No-Show?

  • If the guest doesn’t show up by midnight on the check-in date, you may report a No-Show.
  • Please make sure that the guest did not send in a “Late Check-in” request via guest messaging, or that direct arrangement was not made with your property before reporting a No-Show.
  • We recommend you wait 24 hours before proceeding with any No-Show actions to avoid issues.
  • Your options to report No-Show depends on the booking payment method (see below).


How do I Report No-Show?

There are several ways to report a No-Show for bookings, depending on the booking payment method. Agoda offers guests 2 payment options:  AGODA COLLECT and PROPERTY COLLECT. Guests may select their preferred payment method during the pre-booking process.


Agoda Collect

An Agoda Collect booking means that Agoda is responsible for collecting the payment from the guest; in another words, it’s prepaid. We will then pay the property using the payment methods implemented for each property.

Upon booking creation, Agoda will send you a confirmation voucher. An Agoda Collect booking voucher will have a PREPAID remark on it, as below:

You may also refer on YCS Reports > Bookings and search for the booking ID/list for the payment model as well.

You have 2 ways to notify us of Agoda Collect No-Show bookings: via call or email. Be sure to include the booking ID when sending the request.

  • Call by using the Hotel hotline listed on your hotel voucher. Select Booking related > Other inquiries on the IVR.
  • Contact us for further assistance.

Property Collect

A Property Collect booking means that the property should be collecting payment from the guest upon arrival. Agoda will then deduct the booking commission on Finance tab from the property.

On the booking confirmation voucher, you will see TO BE PAID BY GUEST remarks as below:

As with Agoda Collect bookings, you can also refer to YCS Reports > Bookings and search for the booking ID/list for the payment model.

For Property Collect Bookings, you have the option to mark No-Show without contact to Agoda. See the steps below:

Step 1. Log in toYCS by entering your usual YCS login details.

Step 2. Go to Bookings> View Bookings.

Step 3. Search for the booking by using the search field.

The system will automatically compute the No-Show charge for you.

Pay attention to the following while reporting a No-Show:

  • This button will be made visible 24 hours after the customer’s check-in date.
  • You’ll have 72 hours to report a no-show after the button appears.
  • Please refer to Global Terms & ConditionSection 10.4.
  • If you fail to report a No-Show, the function will be greyed out and please contact us for further assistance.


No-Show Fee Collection

No-Shows fees will be collected based on the cancellation policy attached to the booking being reported. On every cancellation policy, a no-show policy will also be included. The fees will then be transferred based on your property’s payment method.

Again, you may view the cancellation policy on the hotel voucher or YCS > Bookings> View Bookings.

On Hotel Voucher:

On YCS Reports > Bookings:

To change your cancellation policy, you can find more details in this article.


Property Collect No-Show Fee

Agoda will attempt to charge the guest’s card stored in our system once a No-Show is reported, given that the property has NOT viewed the guest’s credit card details.

  • If Agoda is able to charge the guest the No-Show fee, we will transfer the amount to you via Finance tab
  • If Agoda is unable to charge, we will auto-waive the commission for the booking and provide visibility on the guest card details for the property to charge accordingly.

Agoda will let you know if the charge was or was not made in the cancellation email. You may visit this article for more detailed information.


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