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In this article, we’ll offer you some helpful information on why guest reviews are so important to your success, as well as offer you our best tips on how to improve both the quantity and quality of your reviews.


Why reviews matter?

Reviews matter a lot because they’re the only independent source of information that a traveler can see when evaluating your property on Agoda. Smart travelers know that every property will present itself in the best way possible, with the most positive descriptions and flattering photos. They want information verified by an actual guest before believing it.

All guest reviews on Agoda are verified to be from actual guests who have stayed at your property and moderated to only include constructive information. That makes Agoda reviews a truly reliable source of feedback for both you and for future customers.

Importance of reviews to travelers

Research shows that 96% of travelers consider reviews important when booking hotels. Additionally, about 79% of them will read between 6 and 12 reviews before making a purchase decision. That means that your guest reviews are often the most significant source of data that determines whether you get a booking or not. In fact, 93% of consumers say online reviews impact their purchasing decisions. Simply put, travelers trust verified reviews more than any other information.

Importance of reviews to property owner

As a property owner or manager, you have to constantly decide where to invest your resources in improving your hotel’s facilities, amenities, and services. Guest reviews provide updated and specific feedback on what impressed and disappointed your most recent customers. The more reviews you get, the more data you have on what your target demographic wants in accommodation.


Why the number of reviews matter?

Having lots of reviews help attract more bookings, by letting travelers know that you deserve your reputation. If you only have a few reviews, your review score won’t have the credibility you need to assure travelers that your property is as good as its score. The more review you have, the more you’ll be perceived as a solid and reliable name that’s served many satisfied customers.

We’ve gathered some tips below to help you get more reviews as fast as possible.


How to get more guest reviews on Agoda?

Give your guests something positive to talk about

  • Research shows that up to 89% of travelers are willing to post about a positive travel experience. Always ensure the best service, amenities, and features that will make the guest experience worth talking about. Aim for the unique and unexpected, as these will stand out in a guest’s memory.

Offer a welcoming gift with a personal note

  • One easy way to encourage reviews is to leave a personal note with a welcoming gift wishing your guest a great stay, while gently reminding them to please review their experience on Agoda. By connecting the gift with the review, you’ll create the positive association that you want. Personal communication makes guests feel special, especially if it is written by hand or includes their name.

Leave visual reminders

  • You can even place physical reminders like stickers or flyers around your property to remind guests to review their stay. The repetition of seeing the message repeated in many places can unconsciously plant the idea of writing a review into their minds.

Remind guests at check-out

  • Make a good final impression during check-out by giving your guests a complimentary gift, like a set of postcards, with a friendly message that your hotel would greatly appreciate a review from them.  You can even remind them specifically that Agoda will be sending them an email with an easy one-click link to help them write a review without hassle.

Agoda Reviews email that will be sent out to guests after they check out.


Ask face-to-face during check-out

  • It’s quite common for staff to ask guests how they enjoyed their stay as they are checking out. Why not train your staff to mention that guests can easily leave review through the email Agoda will send? In fact, 77% of customers say they would be willing to leave a review if asked. So, ask!

Explain how valuable their feedback is to you

  • Everyone wants to feel important. Let guests know that feedback is valuable, both to you and to future travelers. Inform them that written reviews are carefully read by management, and that improvements are based on that feedback. Ask them if they intend to come again, and if they say yes, ask them to write a review “so that we know what to improve for your next stay.”


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