This article will help you to check and view booking transactions and past payments for Electronic Payment  Administration Self Serve (ePass) payments on YCS >> Finance tab. If your payment method is Unique Payment Card (UPC), you can refer to this article.

How do I search for previous transactions?

1. Go to YCS>> Finance and select All Transactions

2. Filter based on your preferred criteria:

Be sure to include the following selection criteria:

      • Date range for which you would like to view data.
      • Filter based on booking date, check-in date or check-out date.
      • Select the checkbox option to include or exclude manual adjustments that have been made.
      • Filter by transaction status:
        • Pending Departure: Guest has yet to check-out of the hotel.
        • Departed: Guest has checked-out of the hotel.
        • Approved: Booking is confirmed.
        • Disputed: Hotel disputes the transaction due to certain reasons.
        • Paid: Booking has been paid to the hotel by Agoda/Guest.
  1. The search result can return information from the beginning of all records until the present time. The default display period is 6 months.

How do I view previous transaction details?

  • In the All Transactions page, after searching and finding the transactions you want, you can click on a Transaction in order to see the Transaction Details at the bottom of the page.

  • You may view the following details:
    • Guest name
    • Number of rooms in this booking
    • Number of nights in this booking
    • Payment Status
    • Payment Reference Number (can also be viewed on YCS >> Finance >> Remittances)
  • Bookings which are visible on All Transactions page will also become visible in Current Transactions page when they become eligible for payment.

  • Non-refundable bookings are eligible for payment on the booking date, while Flexible Cancellation bookings will be eligible for payment upon guest departure.

How do I view past payments?

  1. Go to YCS >>Finance and select Remittances page displays transactions that have previously been approved for payments.

  • Only payment-authorized users can view each batch in more detail.
    • Only the Card Viewer role is permitted to see the complete UPC and CVV number.
    • If your role is the General role, when you click on a batch you will only see the last 4 digits of the card number, the card holder name, the payment status, and the amount.

  • Check your YCS user role in Settings >>View Authorized User

2. Here you may view the following details:

      • Value Date: The date when the payment batch is/was made available to you.
      • Currency: The currency in which you receive the payment.
      • Amount: The sum of the booking value and adjustments for a particular payment batch.
      • Document Reference: The payment batch number assigned to each approved batch.
      • Payment method: The method through which you received the payment.

To view the details of bookings and adjustments within the batch at the bottom of the page, click on a row. You will see the following details:

      • The transaction type.
      • Reference No., or Booking ID number.
      • The hotel ID number.
      • The guest’s name.
      • Booking Paid By: The party who paid for the booking, such as Agoda or Guest.
      • Currency: The currency in which you receive the payment.
      • From Agoda: Amount paid by Agoda to the hotel.
      • To Hotel: Amount received from Agoda.
      • Check-in Date: Guest check-in date.
      • Check-out Date: Guest check-out date.
  1. The search result can return information from the beginning until present time. The default display period is 6 months.

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