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In this article, we will introduce a new payment model called Property Collect and outline its benefits to you.

Please also find attached the “Property Collect — Accommodation Partner Manual” that will give you a further explanation of our new payment program.

What is Property Collect

Property Collect is Agoda’s pay-at-hotel solution. It allows guests to book Agoda’s inventory with payment due directly to you. Complementing Agoda’s prepaid model, it supplies the high demand of customers looking to pay directly upon check-in.


Why Property Collect?

  • Customers love the flexibility of paying at the hotel
  • The pay-at-hotel filter is Agoda’s most frequently used filter for search results
  • Many customers only book if they can have payment flexibility
  • Get more visibility in search results and through our affiliates and additional marketing
  • Get more traction with long lead time customers
  • Properties activating Property Collect get on average, 5% More Bookings
  • Option to drive even more bookings by offering your pay-at-hotel rates without a credit card required (e.g. for low season)
  • Easily pay your commission through Agoda’s self-service payment platform, ePass


Types of Property Collect



Property Collect – Credit Card Guarantee

Guests will provide credit card detail to secure the booking.

Property Collect without Credit Card

Guest can make a reservation without providing credit card details; visit here for more details

How does it work?

The booking and payment flow of Property Collect are based on Agoda’s prepaid model with a few exceptions:

  • Guests will pay the full booking amount directly to you upon check-in.
  • You will be able to collect the full selling amount from the guest booking Property Collect.

Agoda will deduct the commission from your other prepaid bookings to avoid manual invoicing





What are the benefits?

Simple to Manage

  • Payment for both Prepaid and Property Collect’ reservations can be managed from one platform in ePass. Learn more
  • We understand it’s important to you to be able to track your offset commission amounts. You can print out a booking statement for all payments that include Property Collect commissions.

Easy to Get Paid

  • We don’t need you to transfer money to us at the end of every month for Property Collect booking commissions. We will take care of that on our end by offsetting the amount you owe us against what we owe you for prepaid reservations. This way it’s always you that gets paid.

More Customers

  • More variety means more solutions. All guests that are looking to pay at check-in can now find this option, which can increase your booking numbers. Attract a wider customer audience, get bookings with longer lead times, and possibly improve conversion.


YCS Features

In YCS, there are four features which you can use to manage Property Collect bookings specifically (only available for Property Collect with credit card)


Functions When to use
Check if guest credit card is valid A 0-authorization to check that guest card is valid without blocking money, returns an instant response. As soon as the booking is made, until day of check-in.
View guest credit card details Allows you to view guest credit card details after going through a 2-factor authentication security process. From seven days before check-in day, up to three times.

Request new guest credit card Sends an email and an SMS message to the guest asking them to update their credit card details using a secure portal. From booking day until check-in day.
Request to cancel booking Cancels the booking, waives commission for the booking, and releases the inventory. After you request a new credit card from the guest and guest fails to provide a credit card number.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I distinguish Property Collect bookings and Agoda Collect bookings?

Booking vouchers that Agoda sends to your property will have information related to any payment needed to be collected directly from the guests. Please visit the article here for further details on how the Property Collect voucher looks.

Will I still receive pre-paid bookings after turning on Property Collect?

Yes, if you turn on Property Collect, you will receive bookings under both Agoda Collect and Property Collect, –which means more guests, and more bookings.

Will I be sent commission invoices for Property Collect bookings?

No, our internal offsetting system will automatically deduct commission for Property Collect from your other prepaid bookings. This process replaces manual invoicing for you, however, you will be able to collect a commission statement from ePass on your completed payments.

How do I turn on/off and change options for Property Collect?

You may adjust the settings by contacting Agoda Accommodation Support via the Need Help button in the YCS.


Property Collect Property Manual & Introduction


Learn More