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In this article, you’ll see how you can set up a bank account in ePass and what details you need to look out for in order for Agoda to be able to approve your bank account.


How do I set up my bank account? 

In order to be able to submit payments via bank transfer, we will need to connect our YCS payment page (ePass) to your bank account. To get all the details right, please follow the following steps carefully while entering your bank account information:

Step 1. Start by logging in to the YCS extranet and opening the My Payment Accounts menu in ePass

Step 2. Click on Create to open up the bank account form

Step 3. Please take extra attention to fill in the fields that are highlighted below

TIP: After selecting bank location, you may click Save, and the system will highlight the mandatory fields in red.

  • ePass will validate the information inserted and will only accept characters/formats that are specific to your country/region.
  • The format of SWIFT Code must be either 8 or 11 characters long; capital letters and digits are allowed. Example: BBBBUS3M or BBBBUS3MXXX
  • IBANs are alphanumeric and consist of up to 32 characters. They are different in length depending on the country. The IBAN prefix (the first two characters of comprising a country code), must not contain spaces and not include the word ‘IBAN’. Example: HU02116000060000000064247067
  • Russian accounts should always insert their V.O. number in the third line (postal code) of the Beneficiary address in order for the account to be approved.

Step 4: Upload supporting documents to verify you bank account details are valid and ready to receive payouts. The required documents are:

  • Proof of the bank account ownership (bank book, online statement, bank statement and canceled cheque)
  • Government-issued IDs matching the Account Holders name (ONLY for personal accounts)

Click Choose File to upload your Card ID and bank account files. Refer to the guidelines below:

  • The maximum number of Card ID files is 1.
  • The maximum number of Bank account files is 5.
  • Files can only be uploaded individually.
  • Supported formats are png, pdf, and jpg.
  • Size limit is 1MB/file.
  • File names must be in English only; duplicate file names are not allowed.
  • If you uploaded any file by mistake, refresh the page and start again. It’s not possible to remove any file once uploaded.

All files will be displayed as below once uploaded:

Step 5. After submitting the account details, the status will first be displayed as Pending until our Finance Team review the details and the ownership documents. You will be informed via email when the bank account is approved or if there are additional steps required.

Step 6. Once the account is verified it will turn to Approved in YCS, and you’ll be able to start submitting payments via ePass.

Note: In the case of Rejected bank account status, please revise the details and amend that account first before creating a new one. Our Finance team will contact you to confirm which details should be updated.


Bank account requirements

  • Only English alphabetical and numeric characters (0-9) can be accepted
  • Special characters are not allowed (i.e. = ! “ $ % & : * < > ; , # { } [ ] \ _ ^ | ~ @). If your bank account details contain ‘&’ (ampersand) please replace with text format as ‘and’
  • Please send supporting documents of the bank account ownership (bank book, online statement, bank statement and canceled cheque) to to speed up the approval process. Fund transfer and ATM slips are NOT valid. This applies for both personal and corporate bank account.
  • Please use email subject “Bank Approval_[your property ID]_[your property name]”
  • The Bank Account Name field in the extranet needs to match the account name on the supporting documents.
  • Account holder’s name, account name, and bank name must be visible on supporting documents. If it is a corporate bank account, the account holder’s name should be under the corporate name as well.
  • Supporting documents are accepted in your local language; however, if your bank is able to provide your bank statement in English, you may submit it as well.
  • If your bank account is still pending or gets rejected, please amend the details and send a confirmation to so the account can be validated again.
  • Russian accounts should always insert their V.O. number in the third line (postal code) of the Beneficiary address in order for the account to be approved. The V.O. code is a mandatory five-digit code approved by the Central Bank of Russia.


How do I modify my bank account?

When you would like to modify your current bank account details, please follow the direction below to ensure all the details are correct.

Step 1. After you submitted the modification on ePass, you may also upload new documents following Step 4 under How do I Set Up My Bank Account?

Step 2. Once our Finance team has reviewed all the details, they will verify the account, notify you via email to confirm the modification has been approved.

Step 3. Your bank account status will turn to Approved in YCS, and you’ll be able to start submitting payments via ePass.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Why I can’t see ePass tab in my YCS?

  1. Please ensure your payment method is under bank transfer; if you recently requested to switch payment methods, you will only see ePass tab when the change is completed.
  2. Please use an account with ePass access to log in, accounts without ePass access are not able to see the ePass tab in YCS. You can request access by reaching out to Agoda accommodation support via the “Need Help” widget in YCS.


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