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Epass (Electronic Payment Administration Self Service) is Agoda’s secure system where you can request payment for your bookings.  


What is ePass? 

You can request payment for your bookings by yourself using ePass - an invoice system within YCS. Multiple payment options are available under ePass.  

You will be able to use ePass for booking transactions if you are using one of the following payment methods:  


Benefits of using ePass: 

Ability to charge multiple reservations under a single payment batch.  

Flexibility to request payments for eligible booking transactions at the time of your own choosing. 

Past payment details without any time restriction are recorded and can be extracted via the ePass system to support your reconciliation and reporting needs. 


How to use ePass?  

Available menu under  Finance tab: 

Current Transactions   This page displays all bookings which have reached their payment due date or canceled bookings (displayed immediately upon cancellation). On this page you can approve or dispute payment individually or by batch. Bookings will be displayed on this page for 150 days after their check-out date, after that they will be removed from this page and the payment will no longer be available for you to claim. Please note that refund transactions will always remain on this page until they are batched.  
Advanced Guarantee Transactions   This contains details of any bookings made which are part of the AGP program.  
All Transactions   This page displays all bookings created and any adjustments made to payment transactions by Agoda Finance Team. The search tool covers various search criteria to see payment transaction status and details.  
Remittances   This contains details of all batches that have been charged in the past.  
My Payment Accounts  

This page varies based on what type of payment method you are on with Agoda.   

  • UPC: See a message here that indicates you are using this payment method   
  • Telex Transfer: Set up or modify your bank account details   
  • Ecard: See the last 4 digits of the ecard   
  • PayPal: Your PayPal account details should be entered here  



Payment conditions for ePass are as follows:  

 As per Agoda’s general payment policy, reservations are eligible for payment on departure date  

You will not be able to submit the booking amount until the reservations reach their payment due date  

All reservations and payment details will be stored for review in ePass after the transaction  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why I can’t see Finance tab in my YCS?

 Access to Finance tabs is only granted to specific users in YCS. Should you have one of the above payment options activated but you are still unable to access ePass, please reach out to our Accommodation Services Team  via the blue Need Help button in YCS 


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