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In this article, you’ll see how we handle bank account approval requests that cannot be approved as well as some steps that you can take to help us approve.

If you are setting up your bank account for the first time, you can find my details about how to do this in this article.


How will I Know if My Bank Account Request has been Rejected?

We will review all bank account approval requests within 5 business days. You can also track the status of your request in YCS

Step 1. Log onto YCS, and select the ePass Tab.

Step 2.  Click on My Payment Accounts to access the bank account details.










In the screenshot above, you can see that bank account approval is Pending.

Other statuses that you may see are “Approved”, and “Rejected”.


What Should I Do if I See “Rejected” Status?

Once your bank account request has been reviewed, our Finance team will reach out to you to provide more details that are specific to your case. These emails will be sent from the Biz@agoda.com or AC-Bank@agoda.com email addresses. Please check your Inbox and Junk Folder for any communications from Agoda.

Please note that you should modify your existing bank account submission request. If you cancel the request and create a new submission, this will revert to “new” status and approval may take an additional 5 business days.


What Are Some of the Common Reasons for Rejection?

Swift Code Issue

  • The format of the SWIFT Code must be either 8 or 11 characters long, CAPITAL letters and digits are allowed. Example: BBBBUS3M or BBBBUS3MXXX.
  • For banks in Japan, please put the Branch code in front of the account number. The Branch Code should be entered before the Account Number, in the same field.

Invalid Characters

  • The system only recognizes the English alphabet and numbers. Please kindly remove non-English characters in every field.
  • If your account has been rejected due to invalid characters, remove the highlighted characters.
  • English alphabets and numeric characters (0-9) can be accepted, while special characters are not allowed (i.e. = , ! “ $ % & : * < > ; , # { } [ ] \ _ ^ | ~ @). If your bank account details contains the “&” (ampersand) please replace & with text format as ‘and’.

IBAN Issue

  • IBANs consist of alphanumeric up to 32 characters and are different in length in different countries; IBAN prefix (the first two characters of comprising a country code) must not contain spaces and not include the word ‘IBAN’. Example: HU02116000060000000064247067.
  • Fill in your IBAN number without any spaces.

Supporting Documents Required

  • For some countries, we also require supporting documents such as a copy of your passport or ID or a copy of a recent bank book. This is due to government regulations.
  • The “Bank Account Name” field in YCS needs to match the account name on the supporting documents.
  • The account holder’s name, account name, and bank name must be visible on supporting documents. If it is a corporate bank account, the account holder’s name should be under the corporate name as well.
  • If these are required, our Finance team will reach out to you via email. You can reply and attach the documents that have been requested.


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