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In this article, we will outline things to know for contract termination and how you to request it.

Things to note about contract termination 

Any contract termination will result in the permanent deactivation of your listing on Agoda.

Please note that once permanent deactivation is completed, we won’t be able to restore your listing and you will be required to register again for future partnership.

Following Agoda’s terms and conditions, any termination requires:

  • To honor all bookings made from Agoda customers before the agreement terminates until the stays are completed.
  • To complete all payments due under the agreement.

In cases when you are not able to honor any outstanding bookings, you will be required to find a relocation. If relocation is still not an option, you must compensate Agoda to cover the costs of relocation for those guests.


How do I request contract termination? 

You can send a request for contract termination to your Market Manager or to the Agoda Accommodation Support team. Please contact us for further assistance.

Upon selecting Request to deactivate property, please choose the most suitable reason that best describes your decision so that we can use this information for future improvements.

To make sure we are able to complete your request, you will also be required to provide information related to:

  • Confirmation that there are no outstanding bookings.
  • Confirmation that all pending payments have been finalized.

Any outstanding bookings that need to be honored or provided relocation, as well as any pending payments to be settled upon check-out, must be finalized before sending any termination request.

  • If you still have any outstanding bookings, you will be required to honor them and accommodate the guests.
  • If you can’t accommodate, please provide alternative accommodation for the guests. Visit What should I do if I can’t accommodate guests for details on offering alternatives.

Until the last booking has checked out and payment is settled, your termination request will not be executed.



How to check for any outstanding bookings?

As mentioned above, it is mandatory for all confirmed bookings to be honored before the agreement terminates.

It is important that you don’t overlook any bookings that have been made. Please follow the steps below on how to check for outstanding bookings.

Step 1. Go to Bookings  and click View Bookings 

Step 2. Click on Stay Date

Step 3. Change From date to today and delete To date.

Step 4. Click Search and you will be able to find the list of bookings that have been made to your property.

Step 5. You can exclude all bookings with the status “Cancelled” in red.

Step 6. Click Export to excel for the full list.


How to check for any pending payments?

To make sure that neither you nor Agoda has any payments due, please make sure all transactions are finalized:

  • Payment method under ePass – click on each payment method below to find out more detailed steps.
  • Payment method UPC – click on the article How Do I Charge a UPC? to find out more detailed steps.


Frequently Asked Questions 

I would like to keep my partnership with Agoda. However, I keep having issues that cause dissatisfaction. What should I do? (e.g issue due to Agoda’s production, can’t get the payment) 

We are always here to help you with any issue or feedback on our product. Please feel free to contact your Market Manager or Agoda accommodation support for the best solution available.

What can I do if I can’t find any relocation for the customer? 

You may request to cancel the booking by contacting the Agoda Customer Service team and informing them of the rejection reason via email at, or call the phone number stated on the hotel voucher (depending on your area). Until all bookings have been canceled and all payments due are settled, the deactivation cannot be executed.

I have deactivated my listing, but I still find my property when searching on Agoda. How can I report it? 

Based on Agoda’s terms and conditions, even after the agreement is terminated, Agoda may continue to market your property using inventory made available to Agoda by the third parties with whom you have separate distribution agreements. You may contact these parties directly with any further inquiries or concerns.

How do I close my property temporarily due to renovation? 

You can visit to give you more details and guidelines.


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