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YCS stands for Yield Control System, it is a system where you can manage your property content, rates, and availability on the Agoda website. YCS can also do much more — in this article, we will introduce all setting tabs in YCS and refer to related Detailed articles that may help you use YCS smoothly.


The dashboard tab includes five sections, which are:

YCS Tabs


Production Report

Includes overview data, which allows you to review the hotel’s overall production.

Drive Bookings

Informs you of some recommended or necessary actions such as Auto Top Up, mobile channel discount, China channel discounts, and more.

Manage Content

Helps you to add content such as hotel images to improve the content score.

Engage with Guests

Shows messages when you have pending inquiries from a guest.


A list of recommended promotions you can use to attract customers such as Early Bird, Long Stays, and Weekend Getaway.


Rate & Allotment

Rate & Allotment tab includes a calendar where you can manage room rates and room availability for your property. Detailed article



Manage tab contains three sections, which are:

YCS Tabs



Let’s you create pre-set/customized promotions to attract customers.


You can manage additional charges to room rates here.


See reviews given by guests and reply to guest reviews.



Reports tab contains two sections, which are:

YCS Tabs



Lets you search bookings, check bookings details, and manage bookings.

System Logs

You can trace all actions previously executed with your property.


Settings tab contains 12 sections, which are:

YCS Tabs


Room Setup

Here you can create room types and manage room information, occupancy, and content.

Rate Plan Setup

Here you can create and edit rate plans of how to sell your rooms.

Cancellation Policy Setup

Here you can set up cancellation policies for guests

Property Settings

Contains general settings of the whole property and content related too

Tax Settings

Here you can check tax settings of your property

Contracted Commission

Here you can check current commissions between your property and Agoda.

Competitor Set

Here you can view the group of properties that are considered as direct competitors to your own property in your own city.


Here you can review contracts signed between your property and Agoda.


Allows you to increase the ranking commission/margin, in which case your property will increase in ranking on Agoda’s front end.


Where you can add, edit, and delete contact details. Detailed article

Account Verification

A form is required to be completed by you to comply with various legal and regulatory requirements. Detailed article



The content tab currently contains only one section, which is:

  • Photo: Having great photos is the key to drive exposure, promote bookings, and improve your reputation. Here is where you can upload and manage photos of your property and rooms. Detailed article



ePass is our invoice system within YCS where you can request payments for bookings. You will be using this system if your property is using one of the following payment methods: Telex Transfer; Ecard; UPC on ePass. This detailed article will guide you in using ePass.

ePass tab contains six sections, which are:

YCS Tabs


Current Transactions

Contains all bookings that are available to be charged.

Advanced Guarantee Transactions

Contains details of any bookings made which are part of the AGP program.

All Transactions

Contains filters that allow you to search for transactions up to six months in the past.


Contains details of all batches that have been charged in the past.

My Payment Accounts

Contains details of any bank accounts which are approved, or pending approval.


Contains payment invoices that can be downloaded in PDF format.

Marketing Solutions

In the Marketing Solution tab, you can manage campaigns and programs in which your property currently participates. If you wish to join any of the programs, please check the details of each program here: