This article details the most frequent causes and fixes for why partners are unable to charge a payment or having other payment-related issues.

Attention: Information such as credit card data, passwords/credentials are high-risk data and should be managed in a stringent manner. Sharing such data via email or any unsecured channel is prohibited.

 Payment issues via Unique Payment Card (UPC)

1. UPC card information is not available on YCS.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for troubleshooting why UPC card information may not be available on YCS: Where can I find Unique Payment Card (UPC) details?

2. I cannot charge the UPC.

Here’s a step-by-step guide charging UPC payments: How do I Charge a UPC? 

Additionally, here are the 3 most common issues, causes, and solutions:




Insufficient Funds An attempt to charge an amount higher than the booking value Make sure you’ve charged the amount displayed in the booking confirmation.
Security Violation 5 failed attempts to charge the card within the past hour Wait 1 hour before rerunning the charge. In the meantime, double-check that all payment details are correct and that your internet connection is stable.
Card Blocked FRE10 Using the card for anything outside of booking-related payments Contact us to remove the block
3. I am seeing errors when charging the UPC.

If you cannot charge the card due to a recent change in your card machine’s merchant, please contact us for further assistance.

Error message: Transaction not supported by card issuer.


  • Check that all card data has been entered correctly:
    • Card number
    • Expiry date (written as MMYY)
    • CVV
  • Rerun the payment.

Error message: Invalid card number

  • Check that the 16-digit card number has been entered correctly.
4. My UPC is expired, and I am no longer able to access the booking on YCS.

Payments must be processed within 150-days of the check-out date, after which the charge becomes unavailable to claim. Please contact us for assistance.

5. What should I do if I have accidentally authorized/charged a different amount?

I’ve authorized a partial amount of the booking value:

  1. Use the same authorization code to charge the remaining amount.

I’ve authorized an amount higher than the booking value:

  1. Refund the excess amount through the original UPC card.

In both cases, we recommend you check the booking amount  against authorized/charged amount. Attempting to charge an amount higher than the booking value will result in an “Insufficient funds” error.

6. What should I do if I find a fraudulent transaction?

Please contact us for assistance. Agoda will investigate and report it to the credit card company.

7. Where can I find UPC card details outside of the YCS extranet page?

Agoda can provide UPC card information through the phone. To do this:

  1. Contact your local partner support line for assistance.
  2. Verify yourself for security purposes.
  3. Ensure you have a valid Booking ID.

Payments issues via Finance Electronic Payment Administration Self Service (ePass)

1. Why can’t I see the Finance tab on YCS?

Make sure that you’re using a verified email address to log into your account. To request access to Finance tab, please contact us.

Do a quick check to see if you’ve registered one of the payment methods below.

If you’ve recently updated your payment methods, you will only see the Finance tab once the change is completed.

2. Booking does not appear on the Current Transactions tab

Transactions appear on the Current Transactions page once they become eligible for payment or within 150 days of booking.

To Check if you have already collected payment go to YCS >> Finance >> Remittance tab.

  • If the transaction has already been submitted, it won’t be reflected on the Current Transactions tab but on the Remittance tab.

If you have not collected the payment, please wait up to 24 hours then try again. Go to YCS > Finance > Current Transactions tab.

3. I’ve submitted transactions on the Current Transactions page but it’s not showing in the Remittance tab.

Make sure you have followed the steps on this page. If you have, then it could be due to a system delay; wait up to 24 hours then try to find the transaction on Finance tab again.

4. My Current Transaction shows a negative balance.

This article details the reasons why you could be experiencing this: How do I handle overcharges and negative balances?

5. What should I do if I forgot to collect the booking payment within 150 days?

Payments must be processed within 150-days of the check-out date, after which the charge becomes unavailable to claim. Please contact us for assistance.

6. I got the error message “Invalid Merchant.” How can I fix it?

This error message means that your POS terminal/machine merchant code is not under the 7011 merchant category code (MCC).

We suggest contacting your POS terminal provider for further information on MCC code set-up. If you have difficulty changing your MCC code, please contact us for assistance.

Payment issues via UPC on ePass

1. I am not able to charge the card.

Here are the 3 most common error messages, causes, and solutions:

Error message



The card is expired Failure to charge the card within 24 hours after issuance.


The re-issue button will be available after 72 hours once expired.

Check out  How do I charge a UPC on ePass? for more information

Invalid Merchant Your POS terminal/machine merchant code is not under the 7011-merchant category code (MCC). We recommend that you always use a POS terminal with 7011 MCC. Contact your POS terminal provider for further information on MCC code set-up.
Transaction not supported by the card issuer Incorrect data input.

The most common issue is inputting the incorrect date format, which is MMYY.

Recheck all data (expiry date, CVV, 16-digit card number) and attempt to charge again.
Invalid Card Number Incorrect input of the 16-digit card number. Check that the 16-digit card number has been entered correctly.
2. Why is there a difference between the payment amount on YCS and the booking confirmation?

Check if your booking has been amended or cancelled. If so, you should have received an email. The hotel voucher or cancellation email notification will include information regarding the eligible cancellation/amendment fee (if applicable).

  • If the amount on the voucher is correct, but different on YCS, you can dispute each incorrect transaction by going to YCS>> Finance >> Current Transactions >> Booking Transactions.
3. I cannot click the Reissue button

The re-issue button will only appear 72 hours after the card has expired. If it has been 72 hours and you are still not able to reissue a card, please try the following:

  1. Clear cache.
  2. Logout from YCS then log in again.
  3. Go back to YCS>> Finance >> Remittances to reissue the card.
4. What should I do if I’ve only charged the partial amount?

Contact us to inform us of the balance that you need to charge and request for a top-up. For more information, refer to this article: How do I handle partial charges in the Finance tab?

Payment issues via Bank Transfer/Telex Transfer

1. I did not receive expected payments via bank transfer.

Please ensure that your registered bank account status is Approved.

If your bank accounts status is Pending, make sure you have submitted the required supporting documents on YCS. For further information, refer to: How do I Set Up my Bank Account?

If your bank account status is Rejected, this could mean bank that bank account details are either incomplete or incorrect. Please review and update your bank account details accordingly. For further information, refer to: How do I Set Up my Bank Account? 

If your bank account status is Approved, try to check with your bank if the payment was received.

  • If not, visit How do I view booking transactions? to check if the payout has passed. You can find the payout date using reference number to search in YCS >> Finance >> Remittance >> Value Date column.
  • If not, visit How do I settle payments? to check whether you already submitted the transaction as it is not automatically settled.
  • If you still have not received payment after the value/payout date of 3-5 business days, please contact us for assistance.
2. My bank account status is Pending.

In general, our Finance team takes 5 days to review your bank account submission. If you have not received any updates after 5 business days, please contact us for assistance.

3. My bank account status is Rejected.

Common reasons for rejection are:

  1. Invalid character input: Check Bank account requirements for more information.
  2. Missing supporting documents: Please refer to this file.
  3. Incorrect bank account name: Your bank account name should match the one in the supporting documents.
  4. Incorrect bank account number or IBAN

Refer to What should I do if my bank account is Rejected? for further guidance.

Payment issues via E-Card (Physical MasterCard)

1. I am not able to charge the Ecard.

To charge the payment, the hotel needs to submit the eligible payment via YCS >> Finance >> Current Transactions. Before submitting, please make sure you have checked all available bookings.

E-cards can only be charged to a specific merchant, please make sure your machine is configured for lodging or accommodation business using the Merchant Code (MCC) 7011. Please communicate with your POS machine provider to check the merchant code.

2. Why do I see an Insufficient funds error message on the POS machine after the payment has been approved on Finance tab?

The amount takes some time to reflect on the e-card.

To avoid “Insufficient Funds” errors, please wait at least 30-60 minutes for the system to update the balance.

3. I have PIN code issues.

PIN is not required to charge the card except for Indonesia market, please bypass the step by clicking next/enter on your POS machine.

For Indonesia properties, we provide the PIN in the envelope that masked with in carbonize paper. If you see the error message “PIN code Blocked please  contact us so Agoda we can help to provide the new PIN. 

4. I have currency issues.

Please make sure you charge in the same currency to avoid the rate discrepancy.

5. What should I do if I accidentally charge only a partial amount?

You will be able to charge the card again with the remaining amount. You will need to calculate the remaining amount by checking the Total Approved Amount on the Remittances page and subtracting the amount you have already charged.

6. What can I do if I pass the 150-day deadline for collecting a booking payment?

Payments must be processed within 150-days of the check-out date, after which the charge becomes unavailable to claim. Please contact us for assistance.

7. How can I request a new card if my current card is expired/not working?

You may contact us for assistance.

Contact us: 

 Still looking for a solution? Contact us via the YCS Need Help Button or these other methods.