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In this article, we will outline what to do if you need to reissue a new credit card. Please note that the option to re-issue a credit card is only available if you use UPC on the ePass payment method. 


When do you have to Issue a New UPC?

If you do not charge the card in the 24 hours following its issuance, the card will be expired, then you will need to wait 72 hours before reissuing a new card to charge.


How could you have to issue a new UPC?

To reissue a card, go to Finance> Remittances. The Reissue Card button is orange in color and can be found under the expiry date.

Next, select the batch you would like to reissue by clicking on it.

When you click on the Reissue Card button, a new UPC will be generated with new details, and the previous UPC will not be able to be charged.

To generate a new UPC, you can click on OK button after ticking the checkbox.

The cards should be charged within 24 hours of its issuance, else the card will expire again and you will need to wait 72 hours to issue a new card.

Reissuing can only be done a total of 3 times, so please ensure the card is charged correctly and timely.

  • Only Card Viewer role is able to see the complete UPC and CVV number.
  • Each card can be used only once and should be charged fully. Partial charging of UPC is not possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request to have the new card available instead of waiting for the system for 72 hours?

Unfortunately, the new card will only be available 72 hours after the first issuance. We are not able to manually add a new card.


Why I can’t charge the card even its within 24 hours?

Please make sure that you have charged the card correctly by checking the card number, CVV number, amount to be charged, the expiry date of the card, as well as the connection when charging.

If the issue persists, please reach out to Agoda’s accommodation support via the “Need Help” widget in YCS.


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